Monday, February 15, 2010

Birds in the wonderful N.C. Zoo

We are so lucky to have a zoo as beautiful as ours in North Carolina. It is one you
want to visit often as you always discover something you missed before.
This is the spectacular Eclectus Parrot

A lovely Blue-winged Leafbird

A small bird that is easy to miss but with patience you discover the lovely Pekin Robin.

Not all birds are strickly "zoo" birds. I was able to capture this image of our native
female Cardinal outside the zoos rainforest
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more N.C. Zoo birds

This is a striking Blue Crested Kingfisher

and a Red-capped Cardinal.

This is the beautiful and charming Red-faced Cardinal

This is the wing display of the Sunbittern. It delights in showing off
his beautiful ings like a Peacock does his tail.
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More N.C. Zoo birds

These small parrots are a delight to watch. They are a pair of Blue Crowned Hanging Parrots.
That is the male on the left and the female is on the right.

Thse are a pair of Victoria Crowned Pigeons

This is a Blue Crowned Laughing Thrush

This is a beautiful Bali Mynah
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