Sunday, September 4, 2011

Random pics

This Yellow Swallowtail cannot resist the nectar of this wonderful tree, a Harlequin Glorybower

One never knows where a plant might be found! It was a mosquito plant.

I think she was reading "Puss In Boots". There's nothing like having a learned cat in the home.

This Woodchuck ran down into it's hole when I stopped, but stayed below just long
enough for me to set up and wait for a shot.

This was taken actually last December on the Wacamaw River in S.C.
I was amazed that I could get it from a boat in mid river. The picture below
gave me a start. I thought it was going to fly away but it paused just long
enough. I was using a Nikon d-90 with an 18-200 lens.

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