Wednesday, March 3, 2010

And then there was the Polar Bear

I've been to the Zoo many times wanting to get some nice images of the Polar Bear but always it
was my bad luck that all he (or she) wanted to do was to just lay much for exciting shots.
This trip was different! In this picture the bear is just coming out of the "Artic" water and shakes it off.

This was a great face to face and swear the bear said cheese.

There is something almost comforting in watching such a large bear
actually playing with a least I think it was play as it wasn't food and
it certainly looked like fun!

This was really unbelievable. Five miles from the zoo, waiting at the light to turn onto US 64
toward home, this car was in front of me! I mean, like WOW! How unbelievable was that?
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