Thursday, February 12, 2009

Remember when there was no color film?

So much of our lives today is spent in seeing "full color" we have almost lost sight (no pun intended) to the simple beauty of black and white. What full color is removed we are forced to focus on shapes and sometimes, I believe, we actually see the subject in an entirely different way. Above we are drawn to the stark, straight trunks of aspens which contrast with the foreground and the leaves of the forest behind and above.

A the flower challenges us to provide our own color and thus we become a part of the picture,
rather than just an observer.

The contrasts of line and curve are much more interesting when viewed without color,
even a pretty as the color is.

This gentleman, dressed in black and white in Jerusalem needed no color. His world was one of absolute
black and white both in dress and theology.

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